Biodegradable Garbage Bags/Trash Bags

Features of compostable and biodegradable garbage Bags 1. Compostable bags made from GM free cornstarch. 2. After using it, put it into landfill or Municipal /home compost facility, the bags can finally become into water and CO2 within 3-6months and without any harm residues, than back to Nature. 3. All of our bags are certified with EN13432,Vincotte-OK Compost Home, AS-4736,BPI-Astm D6400.30-45% renewable resources.Food contact. 4. Storage in warehouse and seal well, avoid humidity and sunshine, quality time is 12 months.

Biodegradable Garbage Bags/Trash Bags

All of our Hensein biodegradable garbage bags / Trash bags been made of corn starch, PLASTIC FREE, certified

compostable for both home and industrial by TUV/DINCERCO/BPI. Including the ink, also using environmentally

friendly watersoluble ink. Hensein biodegradable garbage bags, its features not just can be biodegradable but also

compostable. They 100% biodegradable into water and carbon dioxide the bags within 3-6 months.

Industrial compost hold in municipal composting facility(municipal composting bin) with a temperature of 75 degree,

the composting time of bio bags take 45-60 days.

Home compost happen in kitchen composting bin with a temperature of 35 degree, the official declare of the time need

about 6 months.

After garbage bags biodegradable, no any harm residues,the last goods can be as fertilizer, help to the earth.

The compostable and biodegradable bags/Trash bags that takes the place of conventional plastic garbage bags/trash bags

is a step towards a greener, cleaner future. Contact us to purchase or know about more it. After all, the earth in your hands.

Our price is cheap about 15% than other China suppliers, our biggest advantages are below:

1. Produce raw material ourselves.

2. Many years of experience in the biodegradable garbage bags/Trash bags

3. Own full experienced employees

4. Providing high quality of products

5. Competitive prices

6. Timely deliveries

7. Focus on long-term work with the client

Pls see quotation of Garbage bag 8Liter

All prices for reference, that been influenced by ex-change rate, material cost and quantity etc.
All size, thickness,material color, printing,packing can be customized.
Ex-change rate as 1:6.3.

Size: L35.5*W22 cm Thickness: 15um Print: 1Color/1Side

Every roll without paper core

100Pcs /Roll,35rolls /Ctn

Material density: 1.2

Material: 100% biodegradable&compostable, Natural white color.

FOBShenzhen: USD0.0148/Pc

Printing plate cost: USD75/Color

2.8g /PC N.W.:9.8kg /Ctn G.W.:10.2kg /Ctn

Ctn size: 38*25*20 cm

It is ok to send stock FREE SAMPLES, we'd like you share the express cost.

If you make new samples, the cost list(more or less)as below:

USD 250 each item

USD85 for printing plates 1 color 1 side

USD100 for package box samples if any

We don't have any MOQ requirements for trial order of biodegradable garbage bags

and trash bags. If repeat order, the MOQ is 500 kg or 1 Ton.