PBAT60-70%+Cornstarch25%+PLA 5-8%.

Specification (width):50 mm-1500mm,Thickness: 0.01-0.3mm.

Producing schedule generally is about 30 days.

No MOQ request for trial order,but the cost is expensive when quantity is less.

For repeat orders,MOQ is 1 ton.

Vest bag, garbage bag 0.01 mm-0.015mm thickness bearing 1-3 kg

Vest bag, garbage bag 0.015-0.02 mm thickness bearing 3-5 kg

Vest bag, garbage bag 0.02-0.025 mm thickness bearing 5-6 kg

Storage at 10-40 degrees in a ventilated, dry, non-wet environment,avoid humidity and sunshing.

If storage in warehouse and seal well,avoid humidity and sunshing,12 month can be no problem.

In soil or hold in municipal composting facility(municipal composting bin).

If discard in soil directly is about 6months.

Industrial compost with a temperature of 75 degree,our bags take 45-60 days.

Home compost happen in kitchen composting bin with a temperature of 35 degree,about 6 months.

That still is the plastic after degradation,only plastic from the big to the small pieces.The downside is the plastic in the soil causes the soil to harden.

Our compostable bag is compostable materials,after buried in the soil for three months,becoming carbon dioxide and water,the last can be as organic fertilizers.