Cornstarch made biodegradable compostable shopping envelope mailer bags with custom printed

Biodegradable, 100% Biodegradable and Compostable; Eco-friendly

  • Material:EN13432 certified
  • Size:Thickness from 11 micron to 200 micron., different size can be customized.
  • Color:Can be customized
  • Application:Home&municipal composting,mailer bag,Express service packaging,Mailling shipping packaging,for garment packaging,for plates/cups etc packaging.
  • Compostability:100% compostable&Biodegradable
  • OEM:Available
  • Certification:EN13432/OK COMPOST/BPI


What is the feature of our biodegradable&compostable plastic bag                                                  

Biodegradable&compostable plastic bag made from GM free cornstarch, with corn starch as its main material, is convenient to use, and is also environmental-friendly.

After using our biobase plastic bag buried them into landfill or in a compostable environment ,they will degradable into H2O and CO2 within 3 months, totally nontoxic, finally become into organic fertilizer and back to nature .

All of our biobase plastic bag  are certified with DINCERTCO international EN13432,OK compost and ASTMD-6400

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