Biodegradable garbage bag because of the use of raw materials are starch and cellulose biodegradable materials, Under compost conditions, biodegradable garbage bags can be completely decomposed within 3 months.

Method for identifying biodegradable garbage bags

1. The logo for biodegradable trash bags.

Degradable garbage bags have a unified Chinese environmental logo, composed of mountains, green water, the sun, ten ring green logo, if it is food plastic bags, also need to print food safety license QS logo, and mark food with.

2. Why use biodegradable trash bags.

Biodegradable garbage bags and plastic tableware are new biodegradable materials.Ordinary plastic bags and plastic tableware are related to the problem of white pollution, which will not decompose in the ground, and are harmful to crops, water, livestock and human beings themselves.Decomposable plastic products buried in the soil, the surrounding environment can meet the decomposition. requirements, completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, organic circulation, harmless to human body and the environment.